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What Is Your Why?

Why invest countless hours at work? Why endure challenging customers and seemingly unattainable goals? Defining your "why" provides a guiding light, steering you through both turbulent and prosperous times. The importance of your "why" becomes crystal clear in adversity, yet it's equally crucial during periods of success. When things are smooth, there's a risk of taking your mission for granted, perhaps even losing sight of the purpose that propels you forward. Your "why" is your constant, your North Star in the ever-evolving landscape of business.


Consider a trip to the grocery store. Your purpose is to bring food home. If the usual route is obstructed by roadwork, you don't retreat; you find an alternative way because your objective is clear. Even if a one-hour errand turns into an hour and a half, you persist because the purpose of leaving home still stands. If your chosen store is unexpectedly closed for remodeling, you adapt and go to another. The journey or the preferred store is not the purpose; it's akin to your business. Your "why" sets clear objectives in the face of challenges.


Having an overarching "why" is essential, but so is having a temporary or short-term one.


My "Whys":


Family First:

My primary and unwavering "why" is to provide for my family. This takes precedence over everything else.


Protecting Legacies:

Second on my list is helping customers safeguard their legacies.


Mini-rewards can be powerful motivators. Setting small goals, like saving for a cruise, adds tangible milestones to your journey. Keep your statement visible, recite it daily—forgetting your "why" in the day-to-day hustle is easy.


In the pursuit of financial success, it's easy to become fixated on numbers, leading to both elation and despair. Remembering your "why" serves as your North Star.


When Things Get Tough:


In times of contention, chaos, or distraction, take a step back and ask yourself why you're on this entrepreneurial journey.


a. Strength:

Your "why" provides the strength to persevere. It keeps you going when faced with challenges, setbacks, or seemingly insurmountable odds. It offers the resilience to get back up when you stumble.


b. Clarity:

Often, we become too attached to the "how" instead of the "why." If your established methods aren't aligning with your purpose, frustration ensues. Your "why" is your guiding principle, allowing you to pivot strategies while preserving your core values.


c. Peace of Mind:

Not every business needs to be a million-dollar enterprise. Comparing yourself to others can lead to losing sight of your "why." Focus on the purpose behind your actions, ensuring your business meets its goals. It's not about being at the top of the mountain; it's about conquering your personal summit, bringing peace of mind.


In conclusion, a clear "why" gives you strength, clarity, and peace of mind, guiding you through the evolving landscape of entrepreneurship. It's not about doing less work but channeling your efforts toward meaningful, purpose-driven goals rather than chasing abstract benchmarks set by others.

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